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Guest Book Series: Brian Fischer, podcaster “Model Photography Showcase” #guestbookseries #ashlandoregon
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Guest Book Series: Brian Fischer, podcaster “Model Photography Showcase” #guestbookseries #ashlandoregon

I built a new gallery wall in my studio this week; five steel bars, ⅛” x 1½” x 10’, mounted to the wall, then magnets hot glued to the back of each print, mounted on masonite by @millerslab. Works great, infinitely flexible and expandable. I love it! Thanks to the friends who helped put it all together :-) (at PhotoJoseph Studios (Joseph Linaschke Photography, LLC))

Last night’s pulled pork was a smashing success. Took longer than anticipated… eight to 12 hours at 250F is normal. I added hot coals twice to bump the temp up from 250 to about 280, and again later to over 300. Too many hungry people! Initial target is 195F and ideal is 203F but we stopped at 195F… after 13 hours!! It’s also supposed to rest for an hour but there was no time for that either. I pulled it and chopped it, served with a homemade vinegar sauce and simple southern sweet-sour coleslaw. Amazingly delicious. Next time I’ll have to get up earlier and start the smoker at 5am instead of 7:30!

Sadly our vacation comes to an end. We’ve had surprisingly good weather (none of the predicted big storms came to be), lots of family fun, great seafood and plenty of warm salty water. Goodbye Clearwater Beach, see you again soon! (at Pier 60 (Clearwater Beach, Florida))

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