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Two fun DIY Macro Articles on

Shoot Great Macro Photos — with a Cheap Plastic Cup

This is the latest article I wrote for on the Article Center. It’s been super fun to see how many people love this simple idea! Check it out and share on Facebook, and also scroll down for my earlier article…

Shoot Macro Photos — with a Pringles Can

You may recognize this post as something I’d written here years ago, and just repurposed it for the Article Center. I would have loved to have done new photos for it but it was a total rush job. But that doesn’t take away from how fun it was!

And of course, for more macro goodness, be sure to check out my hour-long course "Photography 101: Shooting Macros and Close-Ups" on as well!

Don’t forget, if your’e not already a member, be sure to take advantage of my seven day free trial!

Happy macro shooting…

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